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When You Read About the Benefits Below, You’ll Find Our Post Is Definitely NOT Boring!

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And by post, we mean in the letterbox sense of course!! Whilst some might think sending out invoices, client paperwork or promotional campaigns are mundane tasks, we’re confident our insightful post (in the blog sense) below, will have you feeling more interested. We get it, franking machines are considered far from exciting. However, when was the last time you looked at what they can do? They no longer just perform one task (of electronically placing the price of your letter onto the envelope).

Franking machines tend to be the little piece of office essential equipment that businesses tend to forget about, whether to get one in the first place, or forget to upgrade. Your office admin assistant is probably used to blocking out a day (or more) a month to manually print and fold letters, put them in envelopes, print off address labels, stick on stamps and take them to the Post Office.

However, for those times in the rest of the month when you want to send out a promotional flyer, or an urgent letter but you don't have time to get organised, or get to a Post Office near you to get stamps, it becomes clear that this little machine can work wondered when sending your post, making a HUGE difference to your business.

More features depending on your business needs

With its flexible configurations from automatic letter feeder upgrades through to software add-ons, PostBase Qi3 is a franking machine designed for the future. This whisper quiet franking machine is compact in size but works for businesses of all sizes, processing up to 1,800 letters per hour including your PPI and DX mail! You can connect to our Navigator Plus postage software and gain the ability to control your franking machine from a tablet or PC.


This is the next generation Table-top Inserting System

The FPi 600 pays for itself even in offices that mail just 50 letters a day. Folding and inserting those letters can cost a good 30 minutes of your time, while the FPi 600 does the job in just 3 minutes – at the press of a button! The FPi 600 can fold and insert up to 1,350 letters in an hour! Use the FPi600 to quickly and easily add response-cards, flyers or return envelopes to your mailing, or use the folding function to produce pre-folded flyers.

A time-efficient solution for opening mail

Operating at speeds of up to 300 letters per minute, the FP IM-16 letter opener machine handles mixed mail without having to pre-sort, and effortlessly handles staples and paper clips within the documents. This machine uses a clever method to neatly slit one side of the envelope, leaving no sharp edges, allowing the contents to remain intact and undamaged.

CImage result for mailmark frankingheaper Mail – what’s not to love about that?

If your immediate response to upgrading your franking machine is "We’re happy with our current supplier", we’re pretty sure you won’t be when you find out what you could be saving – on average Mailmark is cheaper than the old Crown & Die by at least 4p per letter! You could also be missing out on adding your branding to your outgoing mail, giving a more professional impression.


Just as important as switching to a better utility or insurance deal!

If you would normally review your contracts with other providers then why not review your franking machine deal? It may be because your current supplier’s contract seems to subtly renew with the annual visit from their rep? Unfortunately it’s pretty common for franking machine contracts to be considered complicated at the least, covering ambiguous charges and fees, consumables, terms and conditions etc. etc. However, we believe this should NOT be the case. At FP Mailing L&C, we have numerous client testimonials specifically commending the honesty and speed of our service, and the cost-savings we have help businesses to achieve.

So, if our post has stirred some interest in sparing a thought for what could be the smallest but perfectly formed piece of office equipment; the honourable franking machine – give us a call to learn how we can help your business and your admin assistant get some joy back into sending your mail. Our friendly team is here to help on 01925 820638 or visit www.fpmailinglandc.co.uk/franking-machines.

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