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Door drops are as effective as ever; make it one of your marketing tools in 2019

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Direct mail marketing materials including magazines, flyers, brochures and small catalogues are still popular in this heavily digital-reliant world of the internet, so take the leap and make your door drops noticeable with sparkling franked mail in 2019. You won’t get lost among the ordered magazines, bank letters and community flyers with mail that is prepared to perfection. FP Mailing L&C can help you to get your post ready with top tips on how to make your mail stand out.


Bold and bright wins the race

Studies show that a good campagin can stop a flyer from entering the bin, but it’s just as important for impact because consumers will look at and read the flyer on their way to disposing of it. So, with different eye-catching colours and dynamic but easy to read fonts on your direct mail, it can and will make an impact and help achieve a new customer. You can use bright envelopes include titles in your brand colours, and time-relevant graphics that will catch the eye of your target audience such as a heart for February campaigns.


A little incentive and personalisation goes a long way

Throw in a small discount offer or voucher and emphasise this with large font and a different colour; everyone loves a little care package of discounts and it starts your business off on the right foot with a new customer. It presents your business as one that cares about it’s clients, especially if you conduct research into what products and services are most popular in a particular region and use this in the vouchers. You can also personalise the direct mail after the envelope with a welcoming message and recipient name inserted in the postcard, catalog or flyer.


Personalise your frank mark

Finally, with our state-of-the-art equipment (which provide a professional finish that is cheaper than stamps) you have the delightful option of adding a personalised frank mark to include your company name on your post. It makes your materials more memorable and reminds the recipient of your company colours and logo therefore keeping your brand image at the forefront of all your communications. Not only that, anyone who comes into contact with your franked mail will see your company name and logo which will spread more awareness of your business to potential clients.


For expert assistance with your direct mail campaigns, check out our franking machines, printing solutions and software and get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team at FP Mailing L&C. Call on 01925 820 638 or complete our contact form here, and we’ll be more than happy to help!

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