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Don’t let your office fall victim to theft - increase office security with a franking machine

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With a recent industrial scale theft of office supplies and stamps from a business in Latchford by an employee, we thought we’d make you aware of the security benefits of a franking machine besides the benefit of removing the stamp middle man. Franking is not only more time-efficient and cost-effective than stamps, it adds much needed security to your address book with an additional password feature (models may vary) and allows you to monitor usage throughout the company to help you to understand departmental spend and keep track of VAT. But that’s not all! So, we’ve accumulated some key points below on how franking machines can increase your office security.


Recently a business service manager has been jailed fro stealing over £160,000 in office supplies, including stamps and print cartridges from her workplace having sold the majority on eBay. This type of theft can be avoided by removing stamps and adding a frank!


Remove stamps, add a secure and unique frank

Franked labels are cheaper than stamps and aren’t likely to be pocketed and distributed on eBay, unlike stamps. They cannot be reused as the barcode is unique to the required postage type and correlates to the receiver of the goods printed on the label.


Additional postage software

The Navigator Plus accouting software allows you to capture every postage transaction, meaning that you can produce and analyse accurate, detailed and historical reports of your business postage as well as monitor spend across departments.


Utilise Mailmark business collection

For Mailmark franked mail, you can easily drop your postage at a relevant post office but if you regularly send out high volumes of postage you can set up a regular business collection with Royal Mail here. This will ensure that all your regular postage is sent out to the relevant customers and is traceable – employee theft not likely.


Track postage with Mailmark franking and DiscoverFP

This machine-readable 2D barcode provides tracking services unlike standard franking without Mailmark. You can go online to track your parcel or letter and find accurate predictions of mail landing directly from the Mailmark frank on your mail, so you needn’t necessarily rely on postal services for tracking as your franked mail will provide this information. However, you can also track your mail with our customer portal DiscoverFP, which also offers 24 hour support with handy FAQ’s; find out more in our blog here.


Monitor franking productivity

To avoid any available chances for theiving documents or office supplies, place your franking machine in the middle of your office or somewhere where it is visible to multiple colleagues – our various models can accommodate whatever size necessary to fit in this space – meaning that whoever needs to frank their mail, has to go to the centre of the room where they can be easily witnessed by other employees. It would be additionally beneficial to do this with other pieces of office equipment such as your printer to make sure nothing is misused.


The FP Mailing L&C team can help you with any queries regarding franking machines, and security of mail with various sizes and functions in a large range of models we can help you to find the right model for your business needs. Call us on 01925 820 638 or complete our contact form here, and one of our friendly team will be happy to help!

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