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Going on holiday? Protect your home and office mail from identity fraud with Royal Mail Keepsafe

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Identity fraud is on the rise, but you needn’t worry, with the right precautions in place and support from Royal Mail, you can protect yourself, at home and at work. Most identity thieves target those who make basic mistakes in protecting their identities, so be proactive in securing your personal information and you can quickly and easily reduce the risk of becoming a victim. Summer holiday season is on the horizon, so we have compiled some key tips to help keep your mail and identity safe at the office and at home whilst you’re away.


Shred information with personal details

Once you have opened your mail make sure to shred it before throwing the mail away, this includes documents, envelopes and parcels. For parcels, it is best to cut out the name, address and personal details (including financial details) and then shred them separately as parcel packages may be too large to shred.


Use Royal Mail’s Redirection service

When moving offices or moving to a new house, remember to redirect your mail. All identify thieves need are a few personal details which can easily be taken from a letter posted to your door – be safe!


Stay up to date with your bank statement

Regularly check your bank statements both business and personal for any transactions that you don’t recognise, and report lost or stolen credit/debit cards to your bank immediately.


Implement password protection and anti-virus

Password protect all personal devices and devices that you use for your business, such as your phone, personal laptop and office computer. Install anti-virus software and download software updates when prompted, as these can include improved security defences. Make sure that all passwords are complexuse uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols for a strong password that isn’t easy to guess and store all passwords in a password encrypted document.


Utilise Royal Mail Keepsafe

If you can complete all of the above you are less likely to be at risk to identity fraud, however, there is one last safety precaution that can ensure that any mail delivered to you during a holiday stays safemeet Royal Mail Keepsafe! A Keepsafe will hold onto all your letters and parcels while you're away and safely return it once you're back, so you can relax with a Mimosa in hand, knowing that your post and identity is protected;

  • Easy to set up

Royal Mail need just five days’ notice to employ a Keepsafe and you can apply for one by post, over the phone or go online – how easy is that? Find out more here.


  • Mail safe up to 100 days

Royal Mail offer up to 100 days to monitor and keep hold of your mail, so there are no worries about how long your holiday is – Royal Mail have got your postage covered!


Royal Mail provides additional advice on their website and our friendly team at FP Mailing L&C can assist you with innovative mailing solutions from print to frank, so call 01925 820 638 or complete our contact form here, and we’ll be happy to help.

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