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Franking in the digital age – it just gets better!

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In today’s fast paced digital age, you may wonder about postage and stamps becoming obsolete altogether. However, franking machines are important if not vital to modern businesses as a digitally evolved franking machine provides you with easy access to your very own miniature post office! What could be better? We have compiled some key points as to why franking just gets better in the every-changing digital era.


Mailmark assures simplicity, security and professionalism

This barcode technology means your post will always have a professional finish and full reporting on where your mail is and when it's going out for delivery, plus accurate predictions of mail landing which allows flexing of resource in your contact and marketing teams. With Mailmark franking there’s no need to worry about going around the houses to find your post, simply go online.


More practical than a trip to the local post office

A franking machine has it all! The updates provide you with the current franking rates as well as built-in scales to weight your post. In addition, all of this can be done in one sitting with one screen as opposed to a trip to the post office – how convenient is that?


Save valuable time and money

Franking your mail is more time-savvy than stamps but it is also more cost-effective for your business than using stamps. Not only that, by switching to Mailmark franking, you will cut costs again (it’s even cheaper than franking alone) and the use of SMART technology allows you to complete full reporting on your use of the machine then reclaim any VAT on postal services that would add tax. It’s a win-win with Mailmark!


DiscoverFP – FP Mailing’s very own online customer portal

As you might have gathered, franking is here to stay, but it is becoming even more digital with the introduction of DiscoverFP – FP Mailing’s very own online customer portal. The portal allows 24/7 access to support for your franking machine as well as some exciting features, all of this and more will be revealed in our next blog.


Until then, we can help you find the right postage solution for your business and provide you with a no obligation quote, so if you would like to know if a franking machine would be good for your business or if you would like more information Mailmark, check out our blog here and call our friendly team on 01925 820 638 or complete our contact form here, and we’ll be happy to help. Alternatively, you can discover more about Mailmark on Royal Mail’s website here.

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