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The secure, time-efficient solution for opening mail; say hello to the FP IM-16 Letter Opener

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At FP Mailing Lancashire & Cheshire, we like to keep advancing the innovative mailing solutions we provide, so we want to introduce you to our FP IM-16 Letter Opener – the modern, efficient solution for quickly and carefully opening important documents.


The FP IM-16 letter opener removes the issue of damaged mail - it was designed creatively to swiftly open documents whilst keeping the contents safe. Operating at speeds of up to 300 letters per minute, this machine handles mixed mail without pre-sorting, and effortlessly handles staples and paper clips within the documents.


Protection of valuable contents

Any letter opener can quite easily damage the contents of your business’ mail, so switching to the FP IM-16 can set your mind at ease with its fast and safe handling. You may think that “fast” and “safe” don’t particularly go hand in hand, however, this machine uses a clever method to neatly slit one side of the envelope, leaving no sharp edges. This allows the contents to remain intact and undamaged whilst the innovative anti-jamming device effectively manages paper clips and staples.


Utilise time, reap the rewards

By opening mail quicker and distributing it to the appropriate desk sooner, your business will become more time-efficient as incoming payments are processed quicker which will ultimately boost your cash-flow. As well as this, customer service queries will be responded to faster and order requests answered quicker which will increase customer satisfaction – everyone’s a winner!


Capitalise on productivity

The FP IM-16 can operate speeds of up to 300 letters per minute therefore opened mail will be delivered sooner. It is incredibly reliable and provides your employees with more time to focus on their work, as it automates the laborious task of opening incoming mail. You can relax with the FP IM-16 as it is very easy to use and can handle mixed mail without pre-sorting, easily opening a wide range of envelope sizes.


Prevent waste

The efficient opening method means the FP IM-16 prevents waste as it simply slits open the letter, so it doesn’t litter messy scraps of paper around the office. Its handy compact size gives you the opportunity to use it where desk space may be limited – it is also easy to move and store!


If you have any further questions about the FP IM-16 letter opener, or think this machine would fit perfectly within your business, give our friendly team a call on 01925 820 638.

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