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Changes in Royal Mail requirements for Mailmark

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At FP Mailing Lancashire & Cheshire, it is of utmost importance to us that we keep our customers and contacts up to date with the latest postage rules and requirements, to ensure mistakes and waste are avoided. For those using Mailmark franking machines, there have been some changes in the Royal Mail requirements as of 3rd July, so read on to get up to speed.

When using Mailmark, the frank must now appear on white envelopes or white labels for all letters and parcels. This is because the blue franking indicia creates a clear contrast when printed on white, and therefore allows Royal Mail machines to read the barcode and process the item correctly. Royal Mail have found machines have difficulty reading the barcodes franked directly on manila envelopes or dark plastic wrapping, especially as items are fed through the machines at high speed, so now everything must be white.

There have been changes when it comes to making mistakes too, as Royal Mail now require you to clearly cross through the incorrect franked barcode and initial it if a mistake has been made. Once you have done this, you must re-frank the envelope with the correct amount on the bottom left hand corner of the shorter edge, then you can simply proceed to post your franked mail as normal.

When it comes to any unused prints you have due to mistakes, wait until you have at least £10.00 in value, and then you can send them to Royal Mail for a full refund. Simply ensure that any impressions you wish to receive a refund on are clearly legible and have been issued no later than six months previously.

If you’re unsure about any of the changes in requirements, you can find the full terms and conditions on the Royal Mail website, or alternatively a member of our team will be more than happy to advise you – simply call 01925 820 638.

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