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Why choose us?

Excellent Products. Affordable Price. Outstanding Customer Service

With over 30 years experience in franking machines and office equipment, our aim is to provide excellent products at an affordable price, with the best customer service possible.

You can dramatically cut your postage costs with a franking machine. Every time you post a letter using a stamp, you are throwing money away. A franking machine not only saves money - franked mail is cheaper than stamped mail - but will also save you time.

It can be hard knowing where to start - this is where we can help. The service we provide is simple and fast. Just contact us and we will ask you a few questions about how much mail you send and your mailing habits. Then we will give you a no obligation quote showing how much money we can save you.

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Who are FP Mailing?

Francotyp-Postalia Ltd has been operating in the UK since 1923; for over 20 years we have been simply known as FP.

FP have always been at the forefront of innovation introducing the first automatic franking machine, the first electronic franking machine, the first digital franking machine, first inkjet machine and more recently the first multi-carrier machine to meet the new de-regulated age.

FP have a full range of mailing equipment and accounting /postage software to suit all postal needs and it is our intention to give you the highest quality of service so that when you want to expand or upgrade we will be your first choice.

Customer service

Realising the importance of Customer Service we have a UK -based Customer Support Team based that is dedicated to dealing with customers questions and we have a highly skilled team of engineers ready to assist customers with breakdowns and service calls.

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